We are one of the largest companies in Europe in the peanut processing segment. A very rich experience combined with many years of practice strengthens our position in the market. Our strength is our close cooperation with a group of companies that specialise in cultivation and processing.

The company’s many years of activity in the global market and the passion with which we approach our work means that we can offer you products of the highest quality. We have a wide production capacity and are eager to take on new challenges. We guarantee a stable supply of raw materials and top-level service.

Our mission

Loper De Graaf Sp. z o.o. was created for customers who value product quality, professional service and speed of delivery. We produce and use the freshest raw materials imported from trusted suppliers from around the world. We supply nuts, sesame and other seeds processed according to the needs and specifications of our customers by approaching each one individually. The company was formed from the merger of two companies,
De Graaf Sp. z o.o. and Loper Sp. z o.o., with the aim of strengthening both sales potential and production facilities.

Experiencing the importance of nuts

Many years of experience in the nuts trade ensures that our finished products, are of the highest quality. Looper De Graaf, is a direct importer of peanuts, sesame, coconut shavings and other nuts used for confectionery and bakery processing.

Doświadczenie na wagę bakalii
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Modern production

Loper De Graaf Sp. z o.o.has two production plants, in Pelplin and Łomianki, high-storage warehouses and a modern machinery park, which is willing to take on new challenges with its customers through its range of production capabilities.

Our warehouses



Magazyn w Pelplinie
Magazyn w  Łomiankach
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