Quality standards

In our industry, high quality is essential

We have two production facilities , where the raw materials are processed. We obtain products of the highest quality thanks to the use of appropriate technologies and control during the preparation processes. All our products have the appropriate certificates and attestations. The aim of our company is to provide our customers with products of the highest taste qualities.

Loper De Graaf is a valued supplier in the B2B segment that follows the evolving market and customer requirements. A very important element is development based on the implementation of modern technologies. Our products are characterised by very high quality. We produce and use the freshest raw materials imported from trusted suppliers in South America.

We supply nuts, sesame and other seeds processed according to the needs and specifications of our customers by approaching each one individually.

Our customers are well aware of the importance we place on food quality and safety. However, not everyone knows that it requires a great deal of effort to offer customers the best and, above all, the safest. This is why we want to confirm the class of our products with the worldwide IFS FOOD certification.

The IFS (International Food Standard) is an international system of standards for assessing the conformity of products and production processes with regard to food safety and quality. Importantly, the IFS standard applies to suppliers at all stages of food handling and processing and therefore affects the quality of each individual step in the process.

IFS standard not so easy to acquire

The entire certification process is a very complex and demanding mechanism. In addition to meeting the requirements of the standard, the company proceeds to an assessment of IFS Food by an independent certification body. The auditor checks the functioning of the IFS system in the organisation and the compliance of operations with the required standards, and then prepares a comprehensive assessment report.

What this means for you?

As our customer, you can rest assured that we meet all safety and product legality requirements, in all areas of our business, by:
we record every element of the production process, so you can rest assured of the class and safety of your meals;
we minimise any risks associated with the production process, including food contamination, which is particularly important in the catering industry;
Meeting the highest standards of quality and production safety, is for our customers proof of mutual respect, trust and, above all, a love of health on a plate.

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