Our brands

Let’s create Your Brand together!

We offer a unique service of completing a complicated and arduous  process of launching new products marked with the Customer’s brand.

How does it  work?

You, as the customer, describe Your own vision of the product in any form- simply or in details, and we:

  • create a recipe
  • study/examine it
  • certify/develop specifications
  • send a sample to be accepted by You
  • look for the right packaging for Your product
  • prepare the label of Your product
  • offer a collective packaging
  • pack and send to You a finished product on pallets.

And now some most important points:

  • every cooperation with our clients under private labels is confidential,
  • we have our own factories,
  • we have a wide production capacity,
  • we use unique technological solutions,
  • we operate transparently,
  • together we care about Your business.

We take the whole burden on our shoulders. This service allows You to create Your own product. De Graaf Poland Sp. z o.o./Ltd is a team of people who are passionate about creating new products. We love to take on new challenges. We have created many private labels that  are successfully growing on the world market. Let’s create Yours too!

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