Flavored peanuts

Loper De Graaf is expanding its range of roasted peanuts with two new flavors.

The limited edition range from Loper DG includes two new flavors of crunchy peanuts: WASABI-flavored peanuts and Mexican-flavored peanuts.

The new products are ready to eat as a snack and are gluten-free. The products are packaged in vacuum packs – 1, 5, 10 or 15 kg.The new flavors went on sale in June, the quantity is limited.

Flavored nuts are ideal for parties. Crazy house parties with friends, board tournaments in a smaller group or marathons of favorite movies. Crunching is an integral part of such gatherings. That’s why we are launching a party product that will be perfect for such occasions.

Or are you looking for a different flavor?

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